Gumball Lottery

In a recent post I talked about being an optimist.  I think I have passed this trait on to one of my daughters, as you will soon see.

Kevin is admirably serious about having a good relationship with his children.  To this end, he takes them on individual daddy/child dates.  He wants them to know that he cares about them and he wants to keep the lines of communication open, starting at an early age.  That’s great for me because it makes my job easier, right?!  I figure if the kids have a good relationship with their dad, it will help balance out the times I screw up as a mom!

Kevin lets the girls pick where they want to go.  They always go out for breakfast.  They usually pick the place where they can get the most sugary junk food in town.  This ends up being Starbucks, where they can get a frosted doughnut and also a hot chocolate with a pump of raspberry syrup.

Kevin is a protein guy, so he would much rather go somewhere else.  The other day he talked Clara into going to a local joint called Brunchies.  She agreed to go because she remembered, from the last time we were there, that there was a gumball machine by the register.

Before climbing into the car with her dad, she got out her wallet and dumped four quarters into the palm of her hand.  She is a generous junk-food-junkie.  She decided she would get a gumball for herself and also her three siblings.

As they waited to be seated, Kevin noticed a sign above the gumball machine: “If you get a red gumball, you get a free cookie.”  He pointed this out to Clara.

All throughout breakfast Clara kept on saying, “I’m going to get a red one.”  Kevin kept saying, “You probably won’t and that’s okay,” to keep her from being crushed.  But Clara would continue to insist, “I’m going to get a red one.”

On their way out, Clara stuck her first quarter in the gumball machine.  Out plopped a red one.  She stuck her second quarter in the gumball machine.  Out plopped another red one.  She stuck her third quarter in the gumball machine.  Out plopped a third red gumball.  At this point, the gal behind the register exclaimed, “I have never, ever seen anyone get three red gumballs in a row!”  The fourth quarter yielded an insignificant yellow gumball.  But, no matter.  Clara had already hit the cookie jackpot.

The cookies werIMG_6040 (1)e gargantuan; the size of her head.

Of all my kids, Clara is the biggest sugar addict.  It had to be HER that had this experience!

Guess where all the girls now want to go for their daddy dates?  You guessed it.  They want to go to the place where they can play Gumball Lottery.  Brunchies.

Sorry ‘bout ya, Starbucks.


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