Down Time

IMG_7264 (1)I am here to report that flying on an airplane sans kids is just as fabulous as I remembered it to be.  Thanks to a friend who owns a condo in Breckenridge and grandparents who flew from California to watch our kids, Kevin and I were able to Get Out of Dodge for four days.  Four whole days!

There are many things that everyone but young parents could potentially take for granted.  Slowly eating trail mix with the man you love in an airport terminal is a luxury.  Let me tell ya!  Even better is: drinking a cinnamon dulce latte at the airport, with the man you love.  After I ordered it, the barrista smiled and handed it to me like it was a custom-made gift.  It was.  Here’s the thing.  I had time to just sit there and not worry about anything.  I didn’t have twenty things either racing through my mind or whizzing past to distract me.  I had time to notice that the whipped cream on top looked like a sea of white waves and I had time to notice the fragrant cinnamon spice smell.  These things are quiet sensations that get railroaded when you’re busy.  I love being a mom.  I love being a mom AND I really needed this break!!

We talked about renting a car but the friend with the condo said, “Don’t do that!  Just take my Jeep, parked near the airport.”  When we saw the Jeep, it was totally awesome!  It was a rustic old Jeep with mud-caked tires, a jagged horizontal crack across the windshield, a soft top, and not much shock absorption.  A perfect mountain vehicle!  I told Kevin, “This is infinitely more fun than getting a sterile, perfumed, boring ol’ rental car from Avis or Hertz!”

We enjoyed the town, the skiing (getting to take the highest lift in North America), the panoramic mountains, the historic town nestled in the valley, the slower pace, the breathtaking snow-capped scenery, the international snow-sculpture contest, the bonfires sprinkled around town … basically all of it.  But the quiet, slow moments were probably my favorite.

Now we are back home, to this wonderful life that I appreciate even more when I have a chance to get away and gain perspective.  It’s busy, even when we try to slow down and enjoy family time.  We pass each other in the halls many days.  But there was Breckenridge, Colorado.  Four days of Breckenridge.  I’m grateful.


One thought on “Down Time

  1. I’m with you, and a bit jealous. Multi-night getaways will be in our future, but not for a few years. (Family is complicated, let’s say, but we do have friends that can handle our kids and theirs for an overnight – and they are awesome.)
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves! Take time when you can.


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