Bacon Inspiration

Kevin and I aren’t big gift people.  We rarely exchange gifts at holidays, except for something small at Christmas.  We would much rather share a new or fun experience, than gifts.

Having said that, every year when Valentine’s rolls around, Kevin does get me flowers.  Apparently I have a very bad memory, because I’m always so surprised by this, when they arrive at the front door!  It’s sweet, thoughtful, and romantic.  It’s also great because February in Indiana is such a dreary time of year and a splash of colorful flowers on my counter definitely helps to lift the mood.

Even though, in my mind, my relationship with my husband is a huge priority, let’s face it: All day I’m constantly reacting to, and putting out fires—thankfully figurative fires—that the kids have created.  This leaves a bedraggled, tired lady (me) who greets her husband every night when he comes home from work, often handing him a job or two as soon as he walks in the door.

Kevin jokingly asks me if I’m glad he’s home because I’m glad to be able to spend time with him, or if I’m just glad that another adult is around to help deal with the chaos.

The answer to that question is: “Yes and yes!”

So, when my Valentine’s flowers arrived on my doorstep, I was seized with inspiration.  This year I decided to make a fun bouquet gift for him.  I knew he would not expect that since we rarely exchange gifts, ever.

Since Kevin is currently avoiding processed food, that eliminated a lot of options.  Candy bar bouquet?  That would never do. The kids would end up eating it, instead of him.  What food does he love?  Protein.  It would definitely have to involve either steak or bacon.  So, I Googled “protein bouquet” and saw some really creative ideas, but one that instantly caught my eye: A bacon bouquet.

Do you realize how easy it is to make a bacon bouquet?  All you do is go to WalMart and buy a bouquet of silk roses for $3, and a pound of bacon.  Then you roll up the bacon and stick toothpicks into each roll to keep it in place. Then, bake the bacon, remove the silk flowers and insert the bacon rolls onto each stem in the silk flowers’ place.  Whala, you have a bacon bouquet.

Here are more detailed instructions but it seriously was so easy.  It took maybe two minutes to assemble after the bacon was cooked.

IMG_7398 (1)

Kevin was incredulous.  Not only did it fool him because he thought the bacon was really rosebuds when he first saw it, but he couldn’t even believe that he would get to eat a whole pound of bacon all by himself.

It’s really hard to show Kevin how important he is to me because of the demands the kids make on my time and energy.   Thank God for bacon, the internet, and a little inspiration.  Thank God, especially, for a man who loves me and our kids, and understands.  Maybe we will make it through!


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