The Ever-Elusive Perfect Learning Environment

I have started blogging for a new homeschooling blog.  In our family, we use a hybrid private school/home education program for our kids, and I myself was homeschooled, so it’s a subject that is near to my heart and also something I have wrestled with a lot!  I have definitely seen the pros and cons and love many things about homeschooling.  My goal in writing posts for this homeschooling blog is to just keep it real.  It’s hard some days, especially with toddlers underfoot!

I will share these posts on this blog, from time to time!  But, if you are interested in this topic, check out HSLDA’s blog and subscribe to their RSS feed.  HSLDA is a great organization!

Here is one of my first posts: The Ever-Elusive Perfect Learning Environment.



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