Stretching Times, Good Times

As I get older I think the extroverted/introverted parts of me have become more balanced. Kevin tells me that I’m not really an introvert; I’m just a busy mom who gets tired and wants everyone to leave her alone for a few moments.  But, really, I do enjoy alone time more lately than I ever have in the past.

This week we have had so much interaction with various groups of people that the extroverted part of me is fat and happy and the introverted part of me is ready to crawl into a hole somewhere and take a nap.

In the midst of all of this, trying to get out the door on Thursday evening, something happened that basically summarizes my Mom Life right now.  In fact, I had to stop and laugh so that I wouldn’t lose it and cry.  Basically I was rushing around trying to do all the last-minute stuff to wrap up things at home and get the kids out the door.  The last thing I had to do was type up some things for my nine-year old to review with her dad that evening, so she could prepare for a difficult Latin test the next day.  [One of my main goals this summer is to make my nine-year-old take a typing course so I don’t have to do this anymore!]

If there’s anything that can make me go from feeling smug about my relative intelligence to making me weep at my acute stupidity, it’s my desperate attempts to try and figure out Latin just enough to stay ahead of my daughter.  I have failed and will probably soon give up entirely.  I also think Latin teachers are amazing!  My hat’s off to you!

So, anyway, there I was, typing nine sets of declensions furiously, also calling out to the children to get their shoes on and head to the car.  Then I heard crying in the bathroom.  I had built in some extra time, but apparently not enough.  It turns out that my preschooler is in the middle of the worst constipation pains any kid of mine has ever had.  I felt like a birthing coach for about ten excruciating moments huddled in the small downstairs bathroom.  Meanwhile, three kids have already been in the car for a long time, waiting, and now they are calling out, wanting to get out of the car.

From Latin to Poop in Mere Minutes.  I think that will be the title of my memoir if I ever write one.

Life is stretching sometimes.  It can’t be neatly compartmentalized when kids are in different ages and stages.    

But then there was yesterday. It was a calm day.  We stayed home.  The best Saturdays are the lazy Saturdays.  I got a huge kick out of my two-year-old skating around the driveway in a super hero t-shirt and his big sister’s Barbie plastic roller blades.

IMG_8222The older girls put together an impromptu lemonade stand, which they have been doing about three times a week for a month now.  The same four people always dutifully buy lemonade from them. But today they got two new customers.  After twenty minutes or so, they get bored and decided to drink away the rest of the profits.  I’m not sure they are learning to be entrepreneurs necessarily, but they sure are enjoying themselves.

It was 70 degrees and they all decided it was warm enough to don bathing suits and break out the water guns.

They make me smile.

Life is good.


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