Thanks, Man

Here’s my positive experiences journal entry of the day …

Couple holding hand at sun riseKevin.  That’s what my positive experience is for today. The presence of my husband who is perfect, for me. He came home quickly after cross fit to shower and go to work and found me sitting on the floor on the brink of tears, frustrated at the loss of a document that hadn’t been backed up and was lost after four precious hours of work.

That, coupled with the fact that I had experienced opposition from an obstinate child for about 15 minutes, just before he walked in, left me on the brink.

So, that’s when Kevin happened to come home.

Sometimes I worry that I’m too negative when he comes home because he, as my husband, is the one who I most often vent my frustration to. He sees the good, the bad, and the ugly side of me.  But, time after time, he takes me as I am and loves me unconditionally.  He even thinks I’m cute.  I can’t believe it!

Today he tried to help in a practical way, but when he realized the document was truly lost, he sat with me for a moment and then gave me a shoulder rub. This gesture of sympathy was balm to my wounds, even though I was not in a mood to show much appreciation for it at the time.

I love the way that man loves me, even when the day’s not pretty.

When I read negative comments by women who have been hurt by men, my heart goes out to them.  A good man makes a difference for the women in his life.  I will always love and respect my dad.  My dad is a good man.  I love and respect my husband, because he is faithful, kind and true.  These two good men have impacted me and I love them beyond words.  I am grateful.


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