View More: http://swan.pass.us/koonsHello, I’m Amy Koons.  I named this blog Living Everything because I think life should be lived fully, whatever our circumstances or whatever season we are in.  I love life with all its beauty, complexity and flaws.  I enjoy squeezing the most possible out of every day.  This life is fleeting.  Our time here is important.

I’m a Christian, an enthusiastic reader, wife to a wonderful man named Kevin, mom to four rambunctious, precious kids, resident of middle-America, and lover of random adventures.

We use a homeschooling/ private classical school hybrid program, which allows us to have extra time together as a family.  I try to parent with grace but find that it’s really hard most days!  I try to pare down our possessions and activities, and focus on what is essential and most important.  And I often fail.  I appreciate friends who are transparent, and seek to be that myself.

And, I think I would be remiss to not mention coffee. I finally succumbed to daily coffee when my fourth child was born.  I think it would be hard to live fully without it.  It’s about pleasure, and it’s about survival.


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