A Sniper’s Perspective

american sniperAmerican Sniper (Kyle) is about America’s most lethal sniper, Navy Seal Chris Kyle.  It was gripping to read about Kyle’s perspectives and first-account experiences of his training and fighting in the Middle East as a highly-trained sniper.  He talks about his motivations behind his killing and how each one had to be documented and defended.  He was a skilled warrior and had a true sense of duty to his country.

I read Lone Survivor a few years ago and it made me wonder how many of our top warriors were raised in the south, hunting and shooting guns from an early age.  Both the author of American Sniper and Lone Survivor are from Texas and grew up hunting in the woods.

I thought American Sniper was made more compelling because it incorporated Kyle’s wife’s perspective, being home with their kids, while her husband was in a combat zone, unsure of if or when she would ever see him again. She struggled with his sense of loyalty to country and understood that he often put his country ahead of his family.  This, of course, is necessary for a soldier to do, when in combat.  Kyle’s wife’s perspective gave the book more of a personal touch and made it better-rounded.

I am thankful for our soldiers who feel the call of duty and fight to keep conflicts off of American soil and to keep us safe.  I am thankful to their spouses, who make so many sacrifices as well.  I was glad to read this memoir and gain better perspective.  I am grateful to our boys who fight, and to their families.


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